Sightseeing & Tourist Attractions

Active industrial business encourages a rich life for the citizens and continues to support the growth and prosperity of the city.

Tokushima City is creating a vibrant ,unique industrial society, making the best use of its natural resources and the citizens' creativity.

Awa Odori Kaikan
Awa Odori Kaikan, where people can experience Awa Odori throughout the year.

Its fresh scent and mild acidity go well a variety of dishes. Original vinegars, juices and alcoholic drinks made from sudachi have been developed.

Tokushima Castle Garden / Museum
Tokushima Castle Garden / Museum are designated as national scenic spots. Art works and historic materials are open to the public.

Washi-no-Mon (Eagle Gate)
Washi-no-Mon (Eagle Gate) is reconstructed on the ruins of Tokushima Castle.

The Archaeological Museum
The Archaeological Museum exhibits the artifacts of Tokushima City.

Shijira Weaving
Shijira Weaving
An uneven surface, called shibo, and soft texture are characteristic of Shijira. Recently innovative improvements have created original products such as "New Shijira".

Tokushima Zoo
Tokushima Zoo, the largest on Shikoku, provides the opportunity to see animals up close.

Tokushima Botanical Garden
Next to the zoo, Tokushima Botanical Garden provides recreational and relaxation space for the citizens.

The top of Mt. Bizan
From Awa Odori Kaikan the cable car service is available to the top of Mt. Bizan, a symbol of Tokushima City.