History & Culture

Ningyo Joruri, a puppet theatre, has been popular local entertainment since the early Edo era.

Awa Indigo cultivation used to be known as the best in the nation for its quality and quantity.

Shikoku Pilgrimage: Many people visit these temples for spiritual well-being.

These long-cultivated, distinctive cultural and historical traditions are nurtured by the local people in their daily lives.

Noson Butai, a village stage at Inukai.
Noson Butai, a village stage at Inukai. Every November puppet theater is performed here.

Indigo dyeing
Indigo dyeing is one of the local traditional crafts. There are facilities where visitors can experience indigo dyeing for themselves.

Joroku-ji temple
Joroku-ji temple is a famous Buddhist temple. The Main Hall and the triple-gated entrance are registered as Important National Cultural Assets.

The Kokubun-ji temple
The Kokubun-ji temple is the fifteen of the 88 temples of Shikoku Pilgrimage. There are four other Shikoku Pilgrimage temples in Tokushima City.

The studio of Tenguhisa
The studio of Tenguhisa, a famous master puppet craftsman, is open to the public as a reference facility.

The ruins of Tokushima Castle
The ruins of Tokushima Castle attract many people during the cherry blossom season.