Welcome to Tokushima City

Tokushima City, capital of Tokushima Prefecture, has a population of about 260,000. The city is in northern Tokushima Prefecture where the Yoshino River and its tributaries create a delta. Being the major city in the area, industry, administration, economic activity, cultural and educational facilities have long been centered here and made the city prosperous.

Tokushima City is blessed with a mild climate and rich agricultural products. The Yoshino River, the largest in Shikoku, and other rivers running across the city and the elegant green of Mt. Bizan provide spiritual comfort for the citizens and relaxation for the visitors. Tokushima's natural features and history created a distinctive culture: Awa Odori dance, puppet theatre (Ningyo Joruri), indigo dyeing (Aizome) / textile manufacturing (shijira-ori), wooden products, Sudachi (citrus fruit) etc.

The foundation for the present-day urban area was laid in 1587, when Hachisuka Iemasa, a feudal lord, built a castle. Under the rule of the fourteen generations of Hachisuka family, Tokushima prospered as an administrative and economic center. In 1889, municipal administration was established. By the late 1920s neighboring towns and villages were merged into Tokushima City and the administrative area was expanded.

Recently, even higher expectations have been placed on Tokushima City, due to its location as the intersection of the Kobe-Naruto Route and Shikoku Highway. At present Tokushima City is continuing to develop modern industries and to prepare the urban areas for the information-oriented age.

from Mt.BIZAN